A man´s home


      When you enter a man´s home, whatever you see, think that nothing will reveal if you’re in a psychopath or just a normal guy´s house, for one simple reason; what defines a man is his outer universe; his car, his job, his friends, his football team and places that usually go to (usually populous places where there are many women or men). To begin with, when you enter a man´s house, thinks that almost all pieces or furniture and objects might have been there before him. A man does not need to customize anything, not even himself. Men prefer to copy or imitate what they think it works, even if it works like shit. All differences between most men are financial, religious or ideological, but their impulses and defining icons are the same.

What reveals a man is often outside him, even his inner life too. For instances, when a man talks about home, he surely does it to mention the value of the property. A beautiful home for them is an expensive house (to make it clear).  If a man can afford it, he will pay a decorator (or anyone) to furnish the entire house including dishes and linens. And if he could achieve perfection he will pay someone to prepare food, wash, iron and dust the house and him as well. The only household objects for which men feel devotion are those which have buttons. Wealthy guys with good taste have two objects they are crazy about: a champagne cooler and any twenty years young girl. If men are too old, a glass of warm milk will be enough.

Men completely lack any sense of belonging to a thing called home. In the house they live in, except the fridge and TV remote control, nothing is truly essential.  This attitude makes other living things easier beings around, without feeling embarrassed or intimidated, whether is people or rodents. It is so little what a man requires to carry on a domestic life … just a can opener and a fridge, nothing else!!!. Another common characteristic  of  men´s house is that;  it must be well clear of furniture and objects, the ideal is to have only a sofa, a bed and a computer; you can eat on the couch,  and in bed, if there is nothing better to do,  sleep. Men does do not like to collect souvenirs because they do not like memories (not have enough brain´s space), instead they prefer to have things with buttons or wishes, which, unlike memories, they can be replaced easily. The minimum physical space that a man needs to stay alive is not much larger than a weasel´s. Those who want to have a big house, usually pursue other objectives, which is not enjoying home´s life itself but bust about it. There are, of course, men who love their homes, but this type of men often like other men.

Having said this, men from the fifties, tend to spend more time at home, but not because they want to, but because at this age they already begin fell they are misplaced in almost any public site. For those who, at this age, did not achieve anything remarkable, the house finally will be the only quiet retreat where to hide failure and overcome apartheid.  A lot of men at this point, if they really could, would go to live with those savage tribes who eat once a day and the rest of the time lice off each other lying on a bed of leaves by a shadows tree.” ‘That’s a good life, dammit!  Not this stressed and shitty existence I cannot afford”. Millions of men think so, I know it because many lonely nights I can hear them howling on balconies and roofs.

To any woman´s eyes, a single young man´s house will always be a place easy to improve, but a great place for mice and cat eat dinner together in the kitchen without anyone bothering.


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